Welcome to North Harbour Big Tree Co, we cultivate more than just plants

Embark on a journey with us as we cultivate a legacy of exceptional big trees across New Zealand. Join hands with a team that not only understands the language of nature but speaks it fluently. Together, let's sow the seeds of a greener and more vibrant tomorrow.

Landscape Design
Landscape Design

meticulous and sustainable process

Planting and Initial Care

Initially, seedlings are planted in 17L planter bags with premium garden mix and fertilizer. Staking and tying provide necessary support for straight growth.

Growth Management and Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance involves trimming trees as needed to achieve desired shape and size.

Transplanting and Further Growth

Once trees reach sufficient size, they are transplanted into larger 45L grade bags, requiring additional staking and tying for support.


Trees are meticulously trimmed and organized for sale, with automated irrigation systems ensuring hydration until they find new homes. The best specimens are hand-picked and transferred to 135L bags for further growth, catering to customers needing larger-sized trees.

"Matt has been nothing but incredible since we first met him 3 years ago. We have completely redone our yard and every tree is from North Harbour Big Tree Co. He took time with us in the nursery and made sure we knew how to take care of the trees. They planted all of them for us and even helped when the Auckland flooding nearly killed one of them. Could not fault Matt and will only go direct to here for trees."

Jordan Eskra

May 2023

"We had a 15m hedge and a Birch planted. These guys are absolute professionals. From start to finish Matt and the team were responsive, helpful, gave great advice on what trees would suit our location, were flexible with the quote options, offered for us to choose the trees (we left it to them and the trees are perfect). They turned up on time, cracked out the work and left the place super tidy. Price was very good for what you get. 100 times better than i could have achieved, as they are planted properly, staked and selected for the environment. We will be back for more. Highly recommend."

Kieran S.

Feb 2023

"We brought about 20 trees from North Harbour Big Tree Co and their chaps planted them. Incredible service, reliability and quality. I cant recommend these guys enough. I will be using them a lot more now I know how easy getting trees brought and planted can be thanks to Matt and the team."


Jun 2021

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