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Enhancing your garden with trees is a discerning choice, and North Harbour Big Tree Co, with over 30 years of experience in growing seedlings into mature trees, stands as the trusted provider of exquisite trees, primed for seamless planting. As the premier local tree company in Auckland, our unwavering commitment is to deliver an unparalleled tree planting and delivery service throughout the expansive Auckland region.

Whether you identify as a seasoned gardener or a skilled landscaper, our dedicated team is poised to assist you. Rely on us for expert guidance and tailored recommendations regarding the most suitable trees for your project, or allow us to procure the specific plant varieties you seek.

Positioned as your dependable local tree company in Auckland, we present an array of the finest trees available in the Auckland market, encompassing:

• Deciduous Trees
• Evergreen Trees
• Fruit Trees
• Native Trees

Dedicated to the quality of our work, North Harbour Big Tree Co assures a consistent supply of superior trees. Our personnel boast over three decades of experience, and our proficient tree planters are readily available to lend their expertise. Trust North Harbour Big Tree Co for a steadfast commitment to delivering excellence with every tree.

Whether you aspire to infuse vitality into your garden or contribute to environmental well-being, peruse our diverse selection of trees. Contact us today to embark on a journey of enhancing your outdoor space with the assurance of superior quality trees.

Our team is driven by a profound love for nature.

With years of experience in landscape architecture.

meticulous and sustainable process

Planting and Initial Care

Initially, seedlings are planted in 17L planter bags with premium garden mix and fertilizer. Staking and tying provide necessary support for straight growth.

Growth Management and Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance involves trimming trees as needed to achieve desired shape and size.

Transplanting and Further Growth

Once trees reach sufficient size, they are transplanted into larger 45L grade bags, requiring additional staking and tying for support.


Trees are meticulously trimmed and organized for sale, with automated irrigation systems ensuring hydration until they find new homes. The best specimens are hand-picked and transferred to 135L bags for further growth, catering to customers needing larger-sized trees.

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