Initially, trees are carefully planted into 17L planter bags filled with premium garden mix and fertilizer. Subsequently, the trees are transitioned into the nursery where they are strategically positioned under overhead irrigation systems. This setup ensures consistent hydration and optimal growing conditions. Staking and tying are meticulously employed to offer essential support, promoting the trees' upright and uniform growth trajectory.

Planting and Initial Care
Growth Management and Maintenance

Following the initial planting, attention shifts to the ongoing management and maintenance of the trees. Regular trimming is conducted as needed to shape and size the trees appropriately, fostering their healthy development.

As the trees continue to thrive and reach a certain size, they undergo a crucial phase of transplanting into larger 45L grade bags. This step allows for their continued growth and expansion, necessitating further staking and tying to maintain structural integrity and support.

Transplanting and Further Growth

Before sale, trees undergo final trimming for shaping and are organized into selling lines. The best specimens of the batch are then hand-picked and transferred into 135L bags to continue growing into large, impressive specimens, catering to customers who require larger-sized trees. Automated irrigation systems are implemented to ensure their continued growth and health until they find their new homes.